Get Back to Work & Unlock a Brighter Future With Job Coaching

Do you have the skills to get back to work but need help navigating the job search process? The Workforce Development Board (WDB) team of Solano County will match you with a placement coach who will create a customized job search plan just for you. By updating resumes, providing interview feedback and tips, and connecting you to employment opportunities, our team can help you get back to work.

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Gain Job Skills & Get Your Career In Focus

If you’re a young adult 16-24 who lives in Solano County, you can get paid while learning new skills to help you find a job you love. Sign up now to find out about employment opportunities and on-the-job training. Our team can also assist in obtaining your GED, getting occupational training, and developing career goals.

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Build a New Pathway & Jumpstart Your Career

Whether you want to advance or change careers, our team can connect you with skills training opportunities for in-demand jobs. We offer invaluable career guidance and job search assistance to help you build a path to a better future.

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Build a New Pathway & Unlock a Brighter Future